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H-Hour: World's Elite™ is a tactical, team-based, military shooter. Our first release is a core multiplayer experience for PC and PS4 that includes no less than six maps, four new gameplay modes, and our comprehensive community-building/clan management tools.

A run and gun lone wolf approach quickly results in your death; only by cooperating with your team can you hope to achieve victory. But so many players who would love military shooters are discouraged by what they perceive as brutal competition from day one. Don't worry. We're including mechanisms that not only allow you to play with players at your skill level but teach and encourage you how to play tactically.

The design philosophy is simple: bullets are deadly, and teamwork is crucial. There are no absolutes in lethality, but in H-Hour, you won't take a shot to the head and keep fighting while you miraculously regenerate health. If you are looking for a change of pace from reckless play and want a little more realism in your combat, you'll love the feeling of H-Hour and the game will monitor your performance, point out what you did right and wrong, and offer strategies for your improvement.


H-Hour is a hybrid third person and first person shooter. The third person perspective allows you to view your character and provides increased situational awareness—an intelligence edge in combat situations. The first person view presents you with only a reticle and adjusts the field of view so that you have the feeling of being "in the shit" and a naturally enhanced "zoomed in" perspective that provides a twitch play edge.

The ballistics model is as complete and authentic as any weapons simulation available in a game needs to be, taking into account all the pertinent variables such as stance, weight, character speed, and the particular characteristics of each weapon. Any more realism would just get in the way of fun.

You can choose to carry more or less gear, heavier or lighter weapons among other options. Each of these choices bring benefits and tradeoffs in the form of increased firepower or protection, as well as changes or feel of your gun handling and dexterity depending on your selection.


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